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Brush Clearance Inspections Set to Begin April 1

Beverly Hills, CA – Beginning April 1, 2023, the Beverly Hills Fire Department will begin its annual field inspections on residential properties located in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone of the City, north of Sunset Boulevard.

“It is important that our community along with our Beverly Hills Fire Department work together to ensure our City is prepared well ahead of time,” said Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse. “Our incredible firefighters are always monitoring conditions 24 hours a day and it’s imperative our community follows their recommendations.”

The 2023 Vegetation Management Program Brochure with brush clearance requirements has been disseminated to all residences in Beverly Hills.  Abatement of hazardous, dry and dead vegetation is the responsibility of property owners and shall be maintained year-round. 

“We appreciate the cooperation of our community as we work to reduce the risk that dry and hazardous vegetation presents,” said Beverly Hills Fire Chief Greg Barton.  “During a fire, these dangerous conditions act as fuel for fire and by removing these hazards, we are all working together to protect life and property.”

For more information on the brush clearance program or to schedule a pre-inspection, please contact a Fire Prevention Inspector at 310-281-2703 or visit




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